What is ClearBeing 
Soul Coaching?

a direct path to peace and health.

The ClearBeing Soul Coach tools are a unique blend of dialogue, emotional and energy awareness, navigating the shared field, guided and interactive meditation, spiritual counselling and intuitive guidance. More

The next 10-month ClearBeing Soul Coach Training

begins March 1st, 2022

Who is the ClearBeing Soul Coach Training For?


  • Add a Soul-oriented approach to your current practice. 
  • Guide clients to address stress in their lives. 
  • Develop your innate spiritual and intuitive gifts.


  • Transform sensitivity into the gift that it is.
  • Read energy fields as a source of valuable information.
  • Learn to feel deeply and remain energized. 

People looking to start a new career

  • Start a Soul Coach practice (in person or online) or add it to your current offerings.
  • Lead meditation classes, Circles and workshops with Soul-oriented perspectives.
  • Change the world one Soul at a time, starting with your own.


  • Connect with your individual students on a soul level  to bring out their unique contributions and receive as much as you give.
  • Feel the shared field of the group you’re teaching to enhance collective evolution and foster creativity & community.
  • Experience the aliveness of the flow state that teaching is meant to be.


  • Sense and support your child’s energy field.
  • Explore and unfold your Soul agreements.
  • Access the best in you to bring out the best in your child.


  • Become familiar with and learn to care for the shared field.
  • Navigate personal and relational transitions with greater ease.
  • Access your authentic wisdom and voice within intimate relationships.

Anyone in relationship

  • Guide others to access the curiosity and willingness to look within.
  • Uplift family, social and work life to a more meaningful level.
  • Harness the power of intuitive knowing to spark transformation in others.

Those who long for effortless self-care

  • Connect to the innate intelligence that consistently orients you to body and soul supportive choices
  • Develop your capacity to hear ongoing communication from your body around what it needs.
  • Break free of confusion by learning to trust intuitive nutritional and health related guidance.
  • Tend to the emotional and energetic root causes of poor lifestyle choices.

The ClearBeing Soul Coach Training:

  • Is a 10-month program that runs yearly from late January to November.
  • Attend the gatherings from your computer or phone from anywhere in the world. 
  • The Core Teaching Modules are held on Thursday evenings from 7 to 8.30 pm EST. 
  • Classes 3 & 6 of each module are Practicums.
  • Other components: Restorative movement videos, private soul coaching sessions, study groups and more.
  • All sessions will be recorded and posted on your private member’s page, for missed sessions or review.
  • Program Objectives and Components
  • Dates

About Caroline Marie Dupont

My primary offerings are soul coach sessions & training, meditation teaching & retreats, and nutrition & health consultations.

Past studies continue to inform my work and interest in healing, both physical and spiritual. Beginning in the early 1980’s I studied fitness and movement, nutrition, the human energy field, yoga and meditation. I became and worked as a certified yoga instructor, and a registered holistic nutritionist; I have a master’s degree in exercise physiology, and a black belt in the Nia Technique (a holistic movement form); although I now work with energy intuitively, I’ve studied various forms of energy work and attained personal mastery in Reiki Tummo; I attended a year-long study of mindfulness meditation in clinical practice with Michael Stone and have immersed myself in the study of mysticism with German spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl for the past 6 years.

In addition to 30 years of deep exploration of everything holistic nutrition-related, I have participated in the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service and continue to learn and apply the Spirit-given information that Anthony William shares in my nutrition practice. More…

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