As a graduate of the ClearBeing Soul Coach Training,
you’ve no doubt recognized that the soul’s unfolding continues throughout a lifetime.

The more we let go into the great mystery, the more joyfully we experience our essential well-being and unique place in the world,
and the more we feel called to nurture this in others.

Remember remember remember all-ways 
that wherever you feel stuck & challenged
is where the soul’s gold is.
Let Life take you deeper!

The program has aimed to give you the experience of a perspective that allows you to see Life
as graciously encouraging your ongoing blossoming.

It’s my honor to support that process.
~ Caroline ~

In addition to the various ClearBeing offerings, two are specific to graduates of the Soul Coaching Training…

1) Mentorship

This 10-month program was created for those who would like to partner with me in committing to their personal and professional unfolding, and who would like support in integrating the principles of soul-guided living.

  • This program is for you if…
    • you want ongoing guidance in your personal soul journey.
    • you wish to deepen your mastery of subtle and formal soul coaching within personal and client relationships.
    • you are looking for support in integrating the teachings of the Soul Coach Training
    • you wish for mentoring as you build your soul coaching practice.
    • you feel called to join without an identifiable reason.
  • Mentorship includes:
    • 8 private sessions (via zoom or in person approximately monthly) with Caroline
      • creates a structure of support for your growth
      • the mutual commitment to regularly meet in Presence is a strong impetus for evolution
      • gives you the opportunity to receive personal guidance and answers to questions
    • 8 group Circles (online) – Sunday evenings from 7 to 8.0 pm EST, dates TBA (generally the last Sunday of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November)
      • these are gatherings with Caroline and other Mentorship students
      • format: interactive meditation, teaching, sharing and one-one-one work. 
      • gives us the opportunity to meet with like-minded friends, to practice transparent communication and experience the shared field.
      • as always, a rhythm and flow happens with the group that unfolds over the year. 
    • access to the ClearBeing Soul Coach Membership page ($234 value) – see below
  • Maximum participants: 8
  • Cost: $1440 + HST (one-time payment or 10 monthly payments)
  • Begins in January of each year
  • Please reach out via email (  with questions or to let us know about your desire to be part of this program. We can then arrange payment and our first private session.
  • Note: the Mentorship program is open to any graduates and can be joined more than once.

2) Membership

This offering gives you access to soul coach related resources to nourish you within your spiritual journey and to mature your skills as a soul coach in your personal and professional relationships. It is included in the Mentorship Program (at no extra charge).

  • 1 year
  • Membership includes:
    • A link to a private web-page with new materials added regularly.
    • Access to the full library of membership posts, including guided meditations and teachings.
    • New guided meditations recordings and teaching videos  posted regularly (20+  per year)
    • Discounts on other ClearBeing offerings
  • First year: $234 + HST 
  • Second year onwards: $117 + HST ($132.21)

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