“I’m excited to be living a soul-based life,
but I’m also excited to live as a human being.”

ROSE C. Esthetician, Nutritionist, Soul Coach


“I bring my own presence …
and I can see that it offers freedom to the other person
to be more fully present with their own experience.”

OLGA K., Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist,
Soul Coach, Mother

“Something has shifted at a foundational level.
I have such a trust in myself.”

NATALIE S., Psychotherapist, Soul Coach, Mother

“I feel more comfortable in ‘I don’t know’.”

ELENA D., Project Manager, Reiki Master, Soul Coach, Mother


“I know that whatever is happening is to serve me,
it’s positive and I’ll grow from it.”

TINA B., School teacher and Guidance Counsellor, Soul Coach


“The biggest shift was in my understanding of
why people are in my life,
the way they’re in my life.”

JASNA T., Nurse, Soul Coach, Mother


“There was this awareness that I’m okay being vulnerable.

KATARINA B., Holistic Nutritionist, Soul Coach, Mother

“Nobody Is responsible
for my happiness or unhappiness”

SHARON A., Spinning Instructor, Hairdresser, Soul Coach, Mother

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