When my children were born I knew that what I wanted most for them was to blossom as their authentic selves. Although I realize now in retrospect that I had always been very empathic, as a novice energy worker I began to see that my relationships with my children were often bringing up challenging feelings in me. I guess it was their innocence that made me see that surely what was being brought to the surface was about me and not them. Thankfully, I intuitively realized that they were helping to show me where my energy field was contracted as a result of past experiences and that my attention needed to be on finding ways to integrate these areas rather than trying to change my children.

I intuited that the areas of dense energy were a complex of beliefs, emotions and physical tension that had formed as my best possible response to life in my early years. It was also clear that they were like shrouds over my soul which I longed to know and live from. I was being encouraged to seek out practices that would help the densities to release. This orientation would be the key to freedom and joy.

Later I began to notice the same phenomenon with my nutrition and energy work clients. I could feel what I call the shared field not only in our sessions but also through email correspondence and phone calls, and even when I simply thought about them. Again, I was curious about how clearing these dense energies on my end through various practices and lifestyle habits would affect the relationship with my clients, my capacity to guide them and their healing impulse.

I began to realize that all of my relationships, even those who came to me for healing were ultimately about me returning to my own inborn wholeness. Not only was I the one who was healing, it became clear that this was the most powerful way to influence the healing of others.

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