• Pay in full on or before January 6th and save the HST ($280 savings)
  • Pay a deposit of $630 plus HST before January 6th and receive $100 off the total cost.
  • Feel free to email me at with questions or to set up a phone chat.   
  • Expect a Welcome email within a few days with further information, including the course textbooks (6 books) and the ClearBeing Meditation System.


  • You will receive an email with the remaining balance and due dates which can be paid through:
    • post-dated cheques;
    • bank transfers to;

** Extended until January 12, 2019

** Use after January 12, 2019

Registration includes:

Core Teaching Module 1 (6 classes) – Essentials of Soul Supportive Meditation

Core Teaching Module 2 (6 classes) – Energy Awareness

Core Teaching Module 3 (6 classes) – Relationships and the Shared Field

Core Teaching Module 4 (6 classes) – Living a Soul-Guided Life

14 two-hour Practicums 

  • Explore how and when to apply the components of both subtle and formal Soul Coach practices and tools.
  • Witness Soul Coach sessions with participants, plus commentary.
  • Ask questions about your case studies.


Recordings – Audio and video recordings of each course session will be provided for your use. They can be saved on your computer and will be available on the member’s page for 6 months after the end of the course.

Course materials – There will be a members-only web-page with a required reading list, course information, summaries, recordings, homework, materials and resources.

Guided meditations – These will be made available as a separate audio file for use in your meditation practice.

Private soul coaching sessions – Two individual Soul Coach sessions with Caroline (in person or via phone/skype) are included with your registration. Additional sessions are available by appointment.

Study groups – You will have the option of being matched with 3 other participants to explore the course materials together throughout the course via phone or skype. It is highly recommended that you join a study group in order to integrate the course material.

Case studies – You will be working with practice clients and these will be discussed during the live practicums.

Meditation practice – ClearBeing Soul Coach trainees will be supported in developing and maintaining an ongoing home meditation practice.

Certificate of Completion – Participants may request a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program.

Consider earning while you’re learning 
by incorporating ClearBeing Soul Coach tools into your current offerings.

** Extended until January 12, 2019

** Use after January 12, 2019

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