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Would you like to look at your (and others’) addictive behaviors with fresh eyes, a clear mind & an open heart

Because the word ‘addiction’ is charged with programmed associations, they are often seen as an impediment to happiness.

Essentially an addiction is anything we do to avoid feeling, albeit temporarily.

We are compelled beyond our conscious control to turn to food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, television, sex, our phones, work, etc. to distract or numb ourselves from challenging emotional states. Even behaviors that are deemed ‘healthy’ like exercise, food discipline, helping others and spirituality can be a way of bypassing emotions.

What if addictions were a form of intelligence that,
when we are in right relationship with them,
can serve as a powerful and maybe essential ally
on the path of awakening to our true nature?

Are you sometimes mystified as to
why you make the choices you do, even though, when you’re honest with yourself, they don’t put you in touch with the sense of well-being you so deeply long for?


  • Discover how your unconscious drives choices and behaviors, and how to allow the unconscious to become conscious, and therefore subject to evolution.
  • Notice how Life in it’s great generosity & compassion is always bringing the unconscious forward as an answer to our original prayer for wholeness.
  • Learn about embodiment as a simple way to catch addictive behavior before it gains momentum.
  • Gain perspective on others’ addictions to set yourself free.

Addictions when approached gently & mindfully can guide us to greater awareness of our true needs.

In order to re-awaken your connection to soul and empower moment to moment effortless nourishing, authentic & meaningful choices you will experience: 

  • Anchoring in your deepest nature through guided inner explorations.
  • Using your current relationship with your body, addictive behaviors & associated feelings as doorways into the source of true inner guidance.
  • Orienting towards your original wildness & the freedom to feel in order to gently awaken forgotten soul qualities like dynamic ease, creativity & natural discipline.
  • Gently turning back towards the unintegrated energies that tie up your capacity for clear & authentic seeing, and welcome them back into the folds of your awareness to fuel joyful & life affirming choices.

I encourage you to bring with you your own personal intention
(perhaps an addictive behavior that you’re caught in at this time).


In the Soul Coach Primer for Addictions you explore the reality that your inner fulfilment compass is available now & every moment and that you have the capacity to connect with it to access:  

  • your inborn relaxed & open state;
  • gentleness towards your humanity so that you can bring kindness even when you miss the mark;
  • the capacity to discern what your Being truly values;
  • heightened access to intuition to guide you towards more nourishing choices and the freeing of addictive behaviors;
  • a blueprint for continuing to recognize & liberate behaviors that no longer serve you.

When we give ourselves to the practice of turning our energies within,

to touch into the stillness of our deepest truth,

we find that something other than our personal will begins to move through us,

guide us and enrich all we do in wholesome & unexpected ways. 


Here is some of what you will explore in the course sessions: 

Session 1 – Connecting to the whole self through meditation

  • Experience the source of the ever-present inner well-being that naturally orients us towards greater & greater well-being in our human experience.
  • Turn up the volume on your intuitive voice.
  • Allow the unpacking of conditioned beliefs that are the breeding ground for addictive behaviors. and discover what is actually true for you.
  • Learn a direct way to access Presence as a powerful liberator of challenging energies that might be interfering with aligned choices.

Session 2 – Fluid energy & emotions reveal your inner compass 

  • Open towards feelings & emotions that you fear or avoid, and experience that they are in fact ‘the way’, for example anger, sadness, boredom, fatigue, lack of motivation, confusion, etc.
  • Consider and benefit from the realization that an awake life constantly liberates deeper & deeper energies & emotions, and learn how to cooperate with that process.
  • Experience the increased vitality that comes from the liberation of lifeforce tied up in ongoing struggles with addictive behaviors.

Session 3 – Relationships are a field of Intelligence

  • Open to the vast intelligence of shared fields.
  • Experience first-hand the clarity that comes in the exploration of a shared field that has become unhealthy (with a substance, food, object, habit, person, etc.).
  • Learn how to attune to the personal & specific addiction-dissolving guidance of shared fields.

Session 4 – Living a soul-guided life for unbridled aliveness

  • Consider ‘soul’ as a momentum infused with care, goodness & cooperation with life. 
  • Orient towards and experience the power & simplicity of moment to moment self-care.
  • Evolve by continuing to meet yourself where you’re at.

Each Session includes a guided meditation so that the teachings can be embodied in a personal & authentic way.
You will learn practices that can be incorporated into your daily living,
in addition to an approach to inner awareness tailored to addictive behaviors.
When we show up with sincerity as an active participant, we get what we need.

Here is what you have access to on your member’s page:

  • Video and audio recordings for each session (90 minutes each)
  • Q & A from the live course
  • Guided meditations to help you to integrate and embody the material
  • Suggestions for reflection and journaling
  • Bonus materials – meditations, restorative yoga videos, blogs music, videos
  • Lifetime access

    Cost: $45 + HST

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