A Deep Healing Remembrance

You are in the midst of an unfolding called Life.
It will look different from anyone else’s.

You have an inner teacher.
Often called the Soul, it has always been with you
and will guide you through your deep healing journey.

You must get comfortable with living in the unknown.
Your Soul will guide you to each step on your healing path.
However you cannot know that step without taking the previous one first.

You haven’t done anything wrong, nor has your body.
Everything that feels uncomfortable is an opportunity to learn
what makes you feel more alive, at peace, and connected.

You may be inspired by what you learn.
You will resonate with things that your Soul already knows.
You will also be challenged by the process of deep healing.
Your most tightly held beliefs will come into question.
Your most protected emotions will be brought to the surface.
If you want easy, this may not be the path for you.

That said…
You will find deep healing increasingly effortless
when your heart longs for it more than anything else
and you begin to sense the unfathomable ocean of love
that is supporting your journey.

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Topic: Primer for Addictions
Time: Apr 28, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Coming Into Right Relationship with Addictions: A Guided Exploration

  • 1 h 22 m recorded April 21, 2021
  • Using the gifts of the body, the feelings and the energy body to participate in healing.
  • Ask and you shall receive.
  • Receptivity: pure, innocent and open.
  • A guided exploration on an addictive behavior in your life.
  • Our addictive behaviors are a doorway into a goldmine of possibilities,
  • The power of the shared field, individuals exploring together.
  • The importance of identifying what we value the most.
  • One-on-one with participants. The mind is loud and obsessive; I believe the thought that I don’t have the ability to stay conscious; things are getting worse and I’m not moving forward; painful tension in the shoulders.

YouTube Channel

Complimentary Restorative Yoga & Meditation class recordings

Complimentary on-line meditations

ClearBeing Meditation System  (Twenty-one 15 to 18 minute guided meditations that help you to progressively build a body- and soul-nurturing meditation practice)

Session 1 - Connecting to the whole self through meditation

Video (1 h 52 m)

Audio (1 h 40 m)

Guided meditation (35 m)


  • Bring a willingness to slow down around your addictive behaviors, noticing and opening to the feelings that arise alongside the behaviors.
    • Use the guided meditation from this session to revisit an addictive patterns in your quiet time.
      • What feelings, emotions, images, energies, memories arise in this process?
      • How does your experience shift when you meet it with openness & kindness?
      • Note and hold space for what feels challenging.
      • Possibly journal your experience.


Session 2 - Fluid energy & emotions reveal your inner compass


Audio 1 h 46 m

Meditation 30 m


Suggested reflections and homework

  • Continue to bring a gentle & kind curiosity to addictive patterns.
  • Revisit addictive behaviors in quiet time following the format of the guided meditation above which you could re-listen to.
    • Take the label off emotions (the words you call them) and explore what they feel like.
    • Notice that awareness reveals layers of feeling… for example anxiousness could reveal heaviness, which could reveal sadness.
    • There is no need to control or understand or manage feelings.
    • Resistance is normal and can be included in your awareness.
    • Open to (but don’t actively seek) inner guidance, memories, insight, understanding, etc. that are embedded in the feelings.
    • Don’t try to get rid of feelings & emotions. All that’s needed is a shift in perspective: a willingness to be open, to listen.
    • Spend time orienting to Presence: take the attention off the details of your moment and rest into spacious, open, simple Being-ness.
  • Possibly journal your awareness.



Session 3 - Relationships are a field of Intelligence

Session 4 - Living a soul-guided life for unbridled aliveness



Guided meditation



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