An online course that you can do at home at your own pace.

Fueled by the desire to steward our lives with radiance & power,

we uncover the body & soul supportive intuition of the natural self.

Do you wonder why consistent & joyful care of the body & soul is so elusive?

  • Do you long for well-being?
  • Do you feel frustrated and confused by your inability to ‘get there’ in spite of an inborn knowing of the very real possibility of radiant health?
  • Have you spent most of your life exploring, studying, and trying to find ways to best take care of yourself?
  • Is there a gap between what you know you should be doing and what you actually do?
  • Are you ready to give your very own inner expert a chance to guide you?


In this course you will dive into deep & lasting ways to help you to:

  • re-fall in love with the body as a friend and ally in Life, and not something we have to coerce into any particular behavior;
  • identify and shift limiting beliefs by accessing deeper truths & possibilities within our own direct experience and find ourselves making ‘decision-less’ uplifting choices.
  • meet stress and challenging emotions as doorways into more aligned perspectives & actions;
  • understand the profound energetic impact of improved lifestyle choices and naturally orient towards a capacity to listen to what the body & soul need;
  • access the always available inborn source of effortless & intuitive choices that support our ongoing unfolding & well-being;
  • learn how to transmit effortless self-care to our family, friends and clients.

Our true nature doesn’t need fear or even desire to motivate it.

It’s primary motivation, if we can call it that, is to express itself.


In order to re-awaken your connection to soul and empower moment to moment effortless self-care you will experience: 

  • Anchoring in your deepest nature through guided inner explorations.
  • Using your current relationship with your body, food and symptoms as doorways into the source of authentic & meaningful inner guidance.
  • Orienting towards the freedom to feel in order to gently awaken forgotten soul qualities like kindness, intuition, wisdom & natural discipline.
  • Gently turning back towards the unintegrated energies that tie up our capacity for clear & authentic seeing, and welcome them back into the folds of our awareness to fuel joyful & nourishing choices.


In the Soul Coach Primer for Effortless Self Care you explore the reality that your inner health compass is available now & every moment and that you have the capacity to connect with it to access:  

  • greater peace & compassion around your current health;
  • heightened intuition to guide you towards more nourishing lifestyle choices and the freeing of addictive behaviors
  • relaxation as a path to joyful & natural self-care;
  • the capacity to free up energy that has been tied up in unnecessary care of others.

When we give ourselves to the practice of turning our energies within,

to touch into the stillness of our deepest truth,

we find that something other than our personal will begins to move through us,

guide us and enrich all we do in unexpected ways. 


Here is some of what you will explore in the course sessions: 

Session 1 – Connecting to the whole self through meditation

  • Experience the source of the ever-present inner well-being that naturally orients us towards greater & greater well-being in our human experience.
  • Turn up the volume on your intuitive voice.
  • Allow the unpacking of conditioned beliefs that are interfering with effortless self-care (it’s too hard, I can’t do it, I don’t have the energy, I don’t know what to do, I need motivation, nobody supports me, etc.) and discover what is actually true for you.
  • Learn a direct way to access Presence as a powerful liberator of challenging energies that might be interfering with clear choices.

Session 2 – Fluid energy & emotions reveal your inner compass 

  • Open towards feelings & emotions that you thought were in the way, and experience that they are in fact ‘the way’, for example boredom, fatigue, lack of motivation, confusion, etc.
  • Consider and benefit from the realization that better lifestyle choices liberate deeper & deeper energies & emotions, and learn how to cooperate with that process.
  • Continue to cultivate intuition by increasing your capacity for Presence to the whole gamut of human emotions.

Session 3 – Relationships are a field of Intelligence

  • Learn about and benefit from the exploration of shared fields to bring healing to any relationship: that with your body, with food, with your symptoms, with others, etc.
  • Meet your tendency to caretake others at you own expense, and explore the possibility that the best way to care for others is to model effortless self-care.
  • Open to the vast & personal intelligence and guidance of shared fields.

Session 4 – Living a soul-guided life for effortless self-care

  • Understand the necessary balance between structure and freedom in daily life.
  • Consider & experience the power & simplicity of moment to moment self-care.
  • Evolve by continuing to meet yourself where you’re at.

Each Session includes a guided meditation so that the teachings can be embodied in a personal & authentic way.
You will learn practices that can be incorporated into your daily living,
in addition to an approach to inner awareness tailored to effortless self-care.
When we show up with sincerity as an active participant, we get what we need.

Here is what you have access to on your member’s page:

  • Video and audio recordings for each session. (90 minutes each)
  • Q & A from the live course
  • Guided meditations to help you to integrate and embody the material
  • Suggestions for reflection and journaling
  • Bonus materials – meditations, restorative yoga videos, blogs music, videos
  • Lifetime access

Cost: $45 + HST

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