An online course that you can do at home at your own pace.


  • Are you a health professional (or aspiring health professional) who recognizes the importance of spiritual input in the healing process?
  • Are you looking to add tools to your practitioner toolbox that will help build confidence around addressing your clients’ emotional challenges and belief structures?
  • As an empath, are you wishing to more skillfully read your clients’ energy field, and keep your own clear and strong?
  • Are you wanting to integrate more spiritual perspectives into your practice?
  • Do you sense that both you and your clients are ready to live an intuitive, authentic, naturally wholesome soul-guide life?

In the Soul Coach Primer for Practitioners Course you will explore direct, deep and lasting ways to help clients to:

  • transform stress into liberated energy that positively impacts their perspectives, choices and actions;
  • shift people’s limiting beliefs into new possibilities with respect to themselves and their capacity to heal and feel fulfilled;
  • confidently navigate the challenging emotions that affect their relationship with themselves, others and food and other substances, as well as those that arise when dealing with ongoing physical symptoms and possibly a scary diagnosis;
  • access the intuition that studies show is necessary for consistent positive lifestyle choices and radical healing.

When working with clients a shared energy field is created. Experience your capacity to:

  • Bring awareness to this shared field to create an environment of connection and mutual growth in your health practice.
  • Use the shared field as a source of intuitive information so you can better meet your clients’ needs.
  • Guide your clients to develop more presence for themselves so that they can more easily practice to ongoing self-care.
  • Benefit from the mirroring effect. (How clients often reflect areas of soul growth that are also happening for us.)

To “listen” another’s soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery

may be the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another.’

Douglas Steere

When we integrate spiritual perspectives into our practice, encounters with clients feel real, truly beneficial, and mutually satisfying. 

  • We look forward to our sessions together.
  • We are able to be present when our clients bring up difficult emotions.
  • We feel confident helping them with their addictive patterns.
  • We feel relaxed and open, and our clients sense it.
  • We are able to tap into intuition more easily.
  • We feel energized after sessions and decrease the possibility of burnout.

This course is designed for nutritionists, massage therapists,
body workers, energy workers, yoga teachers,
acupuncturists, health coaches, naturopaths,
health or life coaches, doctors, nurses, etc.
Essentially, anyone working in the health field
who wants to meet their clients more deeply,
while maintaining presence and energetic clarity.

Here is what you will have access to on your Member’s Page:

  • Session 1
    • Meditation: guiding clients to inner body awareness so that they can build their capacity for awareness and allow the healing that is always happening to proceed unhindered by conditioning.
  • Session 2
    • Energy: recognizing and liberating unintegrated energy which are the clouds that come between us and the clarity and natural motivation needed to consistently make health-supportive choices.
  • Session 3
    • Relationships: harnessing the gifts of relationships, in particular those with clients to enhance your personal and professional life.
  • Session 4
    • Living a soul-guided life: aligning with soul to put an end to struggles, health and other-related, and free up energy to engage with life with wonder and joy.
  • Video and audio recordings for each session.
  • Q & A from the live course,
  • Six guided meditations to help you to integrate and embody the material.
  • Suggestions for reflection and journaling.
  • Bonus materials – writings, music, videos

Cost: $45 + HST

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