The ClearBeing Soul Coach practices and tools can be divided into 2 primary applications.

The soul already exists in its full glory. We are simply helping it to reveal itself by allowing the parts of us that no longer serve us (beliefs, patterns and suppressed emotions & energies) to rise into our awareness within the context of a conscious meeting of 2 (or more) people.  That which will not be needed for our ongoing journey will free itself in this environment, revealing perspectives and guidance from a more evolved version of ourselves.


Subtle Soul Coach 

  • This is the inner work that we as Soul Coach practitioners do within the shared energy field, possibly without the other person knowing it. It can have profound and far-reaching effects on how we perceive others, how we relate to them, and directly affects the healing of the ‘other’ and ultimately the healing of the world by elevating consciousness.
  • Subtle Soul Coach practices include learning ways of relating with our family members and friends that encourage transparency and hold the evolution of each person as the highest aspiration.
  • Depending on the readiness of friends and family, some of the Formal Soul Coach practices could also be applied.
  • With practice, subtle Soul Coach perspectives will naturally come forth at work, at home and within our social life.
  • If you teach groups, you will learn how to sense the shared field of the group that you are leading and use it to inform your teaching, opening you to creativity, creating a sense of aliveness in your classes, and enabling you to better meet the needs of the group. This could be particularly helpful for yoga, movement and meditation teachers, workshop leaders, as well as school teachers.

Formal Soul Coach

  • This is when clients approach us for our Soul Coach services, usually as a private session.
  • Clients come to us needing clarity and guidance within various life challenges: health, relationships, career, difficult emotional states, etc.
  • Any or all of the following tools can be used and will be learned in the ClearBeing Soul Coach Training Program:
    • sensing the shared field;
    • centering and grounding exercises;
    • dialogue;
    • energy work and chakra clearing;
    • emotional and energy awareness;
    • spiritual counselling;
    • guided meditation;
    • silent meditation;
    • interactive meditation;
    • intuitive guidance, and more.
  • The intention is always to help clients to find their way to their innate guidance system by encouraging them to embrace their challenges.
  • The format of each session varies and the Soul Coach learns to rely on intuition to navigate a natural flow within sessions.
  • The training program goal is to give ClearBeing Soul Coach Trainees sufficient structure to feel confident, as well as the freedom to allow their practice to evolve authentically and intuitively.

‘To “listen” another’s soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery
may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another.’

Douglas Steere

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