Do you sense that the world
would be a kinder and more beautiful place
if we all lived from Soul?


  • Add a soul-oriented approach to your current practice. 
  • Guide clients to address stress in their lives. 
  • Develop your innate spiritual and intuitive gifts. 


  • Transform sensitivity into the gift that it is.
  • Read energy fields as a source of valuable information.
  • Learn to feel deeply and remain energized.

Anyone in relationship

  • Guide others to access the curiosity and willingness to look within.
  • Uplift family, social and work life to a more meaningful level.
  • Harness the power of intuitive knowing to spark transformation in others.


  • Connect with your individual students on a soul level  to bring out their unique contributions and receive as much as you give.
  • Feel the shared field of the group you’re teaching to enhance collective evolution and foster creativity & community.
  • Experience the aliveness of the flow state that teaching is meant to be.


  • Sense and support your child’s energy field.
  • Explore and unfold your soul agreements.
  • Access the best in you to bring out the best in your child.


  • Become familiar with and learn to care for the shared field.
  • Navigate personal and relational transitions with greater ease.
  • Access your authentic wisdom and voice within intimate relationships.

People looking to start a new career

  • Start a Soul Coaching practice or add it to your current offerings.
  • Lead meditation classes, Circles and workshops with Soul-oriented perspectives.
  • Change the world one soul at a time, starting with your own.

Those who long for effortless self-care

  • Connect to the innate intelligence that consistently orients you to body and soul supportive choices.
  • Develop your capacity to hear ongoing communication from your body around what it needs.
  • Break free of confusion by learning to trust intuitive nutritional and health related guidance.
  • Tend to the emotional and energetic root causes of poor lifestyle choices.


Disclosing his wound to this listener
was the same as bathing it in the river,
until it became cool and one with the river.

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

By layering a Soul Coaching component into a holistic health practice:

  • You develop into your full capacity as a health practitioner.
  • Your encounters with clients feel real and satisfying.
  • You look forward to your sessions with clients.
  • You’re able to be present when your clients bring up difficult emotions.
  • You feel confident helping them with dysfunctional patterns and addictions.
  • You feel relaxed and open, and your clients sense it.
  • You’re able to tap into intuition more easily.
  • You feel energized after sessions with clients.
  • You guide clients towards meaningful and life changing shifts.

By integrating the principles of Soul Coaching into your family, work and social life:

  • You create a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself.
  • You learn to communicate transparently, diminish the charge in your relationships, and let go of needing others to change in order for you to be happy.
  • You move through life challenges more elegantly.
  • You elevate others through your example.
  • You feel the fullness of living your true values.
  • You fulfill your Soul’s contract with focus and joy.
  • You serve in your unique way with heartfulness and balance.
  • You find yourself naturally making nutrition and lifestyle choices that are body and soul supportive.

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